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Jacquelyn McManus

CEO & Founder, KJ Media


In 2008, at the height of the recession, I was recruited to the trucking industry by a staffing agency. When I met with the company’s CEO, he told me to look around the room and ask myself how all these things got here. His response was simple: “By truck.” That’s where my passion for the industry started. Our entire economy relies on trucking. And the trucking industry relies on quality drivers.

As my career advanced over the years, I saw that although the industry had evolved, the recruitment process hadn’t. And so the idea for KJ Media was born—with a mission to be different from the rest. Here we partner with companies that care about their drivers and illuminate their core values to create the next generation of honest and hardworking drivers.

With an evolving industry, the future is up to us. Let’s steer it in a new direction together.

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